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Help Desks

Deepsikha has set up a help desk at the B. Baruah Cancer Institute (BBCI) in Guwahati. BBCI is the premiere Regional Institute meant for treatment and research on cancer in the North-Eastern region. This desk caters to various needs of the patients in the out patient department like:

Offering help in registration and in meeting the respective doctors in the OPD.
Guidance and helping the patients below poverty line to obtain financial assistance from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and other sources.
Guiding the poor patients with the procedural details to obtain free treatment at BBCI.
Organizing blood for cancer patients undergoing operations as and when required.
Guiding the cancer patients and their families to find suitable accommodation of their choice within the proximity of BBCI.
Arranging ambulance services as and when required.
Providing financial assistance to the poor cancer patients whenever possible.
Providing psychological support to patients and their relatives in making them believe that they are not alone in their fight against cancer.
Thousands of patients have benefited from the services of this help desk since the day of its inception.

Tata Memorial Hospital Help Desk

Guiding patients who come to Tata Memorial Hospital during the process of their registration, providing vital information during the initial days of treatment, following miscellaneous instructions given by TMH officials.
Managing the Govt. of Assam help desk at General OPD in Tata Memorial Hospital.

Cancer Awareness

Spreading cancer awareness is important to remove misconceptions among people. We conduct mass awareness and detection camps in remote villages, schools, colleges, clubs, corporate offices, factories etc.

Till date, Deepsikha has organized innumerable awareness camps in the North Eastern States of India. These have been organized with the help of the respective district administrations, doctors from B. Baruah Cancer Institute (BBCI), local hospitals and Deepsikha's dedicated group of volunteers.

Often artists of repute have helped us in our endeavour. Street shows have been staged in remote villages, pamphlets and other educational materials (printed in local languages) distributed and awareness talks given by experts in a manner easily understood by the illiterate and partly educated masses.

Deepsikha continues its fight against the use of tobacco by distributing handbills and pamphlets to thousands of people, putting up posters in the schools, colleges and hospitals, and conducting awareness camps in places where a lot of footfalls occur daily.

Cancer Awareness Hoarding

Deepsikha has been maintaining hoardings at different locations in the city of Guwahati for generating awareness amongst the masses about the harmful affects of tobacco consumption as well as awareness about the cancer disease. They are located near educational institutions. Deepsikha has been able to sensitize the masses through these hoardings to a large extent..

Screening Camps

Deepsikha organises screening camps in different districts of Assam and in the North Eastern states. Those people who are detected in the pre-cancerous stage are given appropriate advice and support. Deepsikha plans to have more well-planned and well-equipped future screening camps in each district of Assam and in the N.E states.


We provide counselling and much needed emotional support to all cancer patients and their families. The Counselling Centre in Guwahati is at Babu Bazar, 4th Floor, E-29, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati, Assam.

Accommodation Facility

Deepsikha can accommodate nearly 200 people (patients and attendants) at a given point of time in Mumbai. We provide hygienic accommodation at concessional rates to economically backward patients. The Bhawans are located in Navi Mumbai..


We provide subsidised/free transportation to the patients to Tata Memorial Hospital and back to our bhawans. We receive patients from railway stations and airports and provide them with the logistic support in the hospitals..

Ambulance and Hearse Services

Deepsikha has a fleet of Ambulance Services in Guwahati and in Mumbai to transport patients from hospitals and to meet any emergency. The hearse service in Guwahati caters to the need of transferring the mortal remains of a patient.

Concerts and Entertainment programs

Deepsikha organizes an annual fund raising event Pritir Enajori, the bond of love. Besides raising funds for patient care and patient related activities, it is also a humble initiative to spend an evening together with our survivors, well-wishers and friends of Deepsikha. SA, a Musical NGO over the years is trying to support Deepsikha by organizing cultural evenings.

Live Blood Donors

We have a pool of willing blood donors who donate blood, Platelets to our patients whenever they are in need.

Financial Assistance

Deepsikha provides financial assistance to economically backward people. We also provide chaemotherapy, medicines, prosthetics at consessiona

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