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Being a member of the Deepsikha team is a unique opportunity to put your special talents to work for the good of others, in an innovative and people centered professional environment. Everyone who works with Deepsikha has a role in saving life . You too can make a difference and an important personal commitment to the people in your community and around India who courageously fight cancer everyday.

Would you like to be a part of us ? We would love to have you.

You can join us by :

  • Becoming a life member of Deepsikha on invitation (membership fee Rs. 10,000/-) .
  • Becoming a term member (membership fee Rs. 3,500/-)
  • Paying Rs. 1,000/- and become a friend of Deepsikha (your money will be spent in providing treatment to poor patients).
  • Pay Rs 100/- towards free accommodation to patients to patients coming here for treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital.

How to be a Part of Us

You can join as a volunteer to our various program in Assam & Mumbai.
Individuals & clubs to offer voluntary service at Hospice, certificate to be given.
One day of your busy schedule in a month (Working in shifts of 6 hours depending on the numbers of shifts you can devote (volunteers from Guwahati city can come & offer their services to terminally ill cancer patients at our hospice in Mirza, (Kamrup district) depending on number of hours you have volunteered for Deepsikha’s members shall inform you when & where to report for work. The services rendered shall be absolutely voluntary & free of cost you could render your services as a volunteer in Mumbai by assisting a patient during the process of his/her registration at TMH & being with the patient & providing your valuable assistance at times of need.)

On receipt of your willingness Deepsikha’s members shall contact at a given patient in time. Any volunteer who has offered more than 50 hours of voluntary work shall be awarded with a certificate of appreciation for meaningful contribution to society by Deepsikha.

If you are interested please contact:
Dr. Mrinmoyee Baruah, Secretary, Deepsikha,
House No2, Ananda path, Ambikagiri Nagar,Guwahati 781024.
email :
Contact no: 09954054000